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Meet the Owner
Antoinette Mathis

Nina Lau’Rens brings the sweetest dreams to life!

Named after the cherished niece of our founder, Nina Lau’Rens embodies determination, hope, and success. As a family-owned enterprise, we infuse every creation with love and dedication. Antoinette, the culinary maestro, crafts delectable treats while her sister Diana adds the final touches with care.


At Nina Lau’Rens, we’re passionate about offering a unique and delightful chocolate experience. From our signature Cakepops to our small bite treats, we aim to add an “Elegant Fun” touch to life’s celebrations, be it personal milestones or corporate events.


With a background in Restaurant Management and Culinary Arts, Antoinette’s journey is fueled by her late mother’s culinary wisdom. Geraldine Mathis, her first culinary mentor, instilled in her a lifelong passion for sweets.


Thank you for joining us on this sweet journey, where dreams meet delectable delights!

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